Year of New Beer: Imperial Barrel Aged Cherry Cordial Stout, Country Boy Brewing Co (Georgetown)

Written By: Dion on 02/12/2021

So you say you've procrastinated on that Valentine's Day gift? Well, if he (or she) is a fan of chocolate covered cherries, Country Boy can save your weekend. Cherry in beer can be a fickle thing, but in this, it is managed with a deft hand. Rich milk chocolate on the nose, augmented by that familiar liquid cherry center, with more than ample roasty malt notes in the background. Equally balanced on the tongue as the chocolate provides the perfect amount of sweetness to counter a mildly tart cherry. Never gets artificial or medicinal, instead marrying well with the oak and caramel of the bourbon barrel. Hints of charred malt bitterness lingering underneath. Excellent. Available now in both taprooms, a perfect Valentine's Day treat.