Year of New Beer: Country Boy IX: Barrel Aged Imperial Stout w/Roasted Peanuts, Coffee, and Vanilla

Written By: Dion on 02/18/2021

I thought the base barrel aged stout I had two nights ago was awesome. This variant manages to improve on it. Rich, milky chocolate again leads the way, but it is quickly joined by an awesome peanut note that comes off as dusty shell as opposed to artificial additive. Warmth brings on a subtle coffee bean, burnt sugar, and caramel. Peanut gets a little more pronounced on the tongue, where it marries beautifully with the chocolate malts. Cold brew coffee lingers underneath. Thick and modestly bitter across the mid-palate, where the bourbon tones begin to shine. Vanilla, caramel, and charred oak all hit here. Much like the base, this checks all the boxes you want in your barrel-aged stout...thick, decadent, boozy...whatever your adjective may be, it's here. Yes, I'm a homer for the local guys, but if you miss these beers, don't blame me. The base goes on sale tomorrow, this one hits Saturday. I'd say clear your calendar for both.