Year of New Beer (Special Release): Papaw's Red, Country Boy Brewing (Lexington)

Written By: Dion on 07/27/2015

Many of us have had them...that hard-working, gruff grandpa. But if you're from around here, or Eastern Kentucky like so many of my relatives, that guy was probably known as "Papaw". Mine was a coal miner, farming during the remaining daylight. He had his routine, and it didn't include much subtlety or pleasantries, especially for us kids. This is a little different type of Papaw, but it's no less the workhorse. Heavy bourbon influences the nose, with caramel, traces of dark fruit, woody spice, and even a hint of cola at times. The star of the show is again bourbon as the beer hits the taste buds, offering up an initial heat that mellows to slightly sweet mid-palate. The caramel is rich, marrying the roasted amber grains to emulate a delicious dessert bread. Cursory notes of creamy vanilla and an ever so slight earthen hop bitterness round out the tongue. This a dangerously smooth brew. Born in the brewery's early days, this hard-working Papaw has helped shoulder the load in regards to building the Country Boy barrel aging program, and makes its long-awaited bottle debut on Saturday, August 1st. So come on out, grab a couple of these beautifully labeled bottles, and let Papaw do a little work for you. I'm guessing your workload will feel a bit lighter.