Year of New Beer: Country Boy Brewing Limited Bottle Release-Constant Sorrow, Barrel Aged Double IPA

Written By: Dion on 09/30/2015

"Do you have the Soggy Bottom Boys performing 'Man of Constant Sorrow'?

"No ma'am. We got a new shipment in yesterday, but we just can't keep 'em on our shelves."

Somehow, I think a scenario much like this one from 'O Brother Where Art Thou' is just days away from playing out in Lexington. That sneaky bunch over on Chair Avenue done gone and snuck in a lil ole bottle release in the middle of the 2nd Annual Autumn Bazaar & Pumpkin Carving shindig. And while a touch o' Dapper Dan might have you lookin' the part, what's in this here bottle gon' have you feelin' like you're walkin' them Golden Shores. 
All of the outstanding elements of the base beer, Knotty Pine, are here. Sweet, almost candied pineapple, mango, and apricot tickle the nose as underlying notes of pine and forest floor build with warmth. The barrel aging, however, takes things to a different level as hints of bourbon rise above an almost spicy oak. On the tongue, a definitive bourbon heat takes center stage, but unlike some previous barrel aged beers from CBB, it doesn't dominate throughout. Working through the bottle, various aspects demand equal footing, with a citrus pith bitterness turning almost toward orange marmalade with warmth. Concurrently, a variety of evergreen spices blends with a caramel malt sweetness to provide a subtle but effective mask for the alcohol that hides within. This is deceptively smooth and incredibly easy drinking for its heft. 
This shipment hits the shelf this here Saturday at noon. I suggest you get yourself over there and grab a couple, 'cause this Constant Sorrow is one state in which you won't mind finding yourself.