Mirror Twin Beer Co. (Brewery & Taproom) Events

Friday Sep 27

Mirror Twin Turns Three! Day 1 (11:00 AM)

Live Music
Tripping Roots Band
Can Release
Tripping Fruits (NEIPA, Mango, Lime, Tangerine, Pineapple)

Saturday Sep 28

Mirror Twin Turns Three! Day 2 (11:00 AM)

Can Release
Wade Boggs
Sour NEIPA (Pink Guava)

Bottle Release
Blanton's Barrel Chernobly
14 Year Old Knobb Creek Barrel Aged Chernobly

Live Music, Chernobly variants on tap

Sunday Sep 29

Mirror Twin Turns Three! Day 3 (11:00 AM)

On Tap:
BA You Me and Mr. PB
BA Lethal Weapon 6
Run Barrel Are You Suggesting Coconuts Migrate
BA We Boil All Our Denims
Wine Barrel Sour with Apricots