February 2019 Beer Events

Today (Feb 24)

Over and Above Festival at Ethereal (12:00 PM)

= Ethereal Brewing (see all)

Beer School at The Beer Trappe (6:00 PM)

= The Beer Trappe (see all)

Tomorrow (Feb 25)

Suds and Science - Electronic Warfare - at West Sixth (7:00 PM)

= West Sixth Brewing (see all)
Former USAF fighter pilot and electronic warfare specialist, Bruce Gordon, will be giving a talk on Electronic Warfare covering Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) and Electronic Counter Countermeasures (ECC)

Tuesday Feb 26

Test Batch Tuesday at Blue Stallion (3:00 PM)

= Blue Stallion (see all)

Wednesday Feb 27

Experimental Beer at West Sixth (3:00 PM)

= West Sixth Brewing (see all)

Thursday Feb 28

Cask Thursday at West Sixth (3:00 PM)

= West Sixth Brewing (see all)

Rise Up Pizza at Slainte (5:00 PM)

= Slainte Public House (see all)

New Day Craft Special Tappings at Mirror Twin (6:00 PM)

= Mirror Twin Beer Co. (see all)
Mirror Twin Brewing in Lexington will be tapping some very special kegs in their beautiful new space. We will be featuring:
Shelby Blue Ribbon
Breakfast Magpie
Johnny Chapman Cider
Chipotle Live Currant
Imperial Breakfast Magpie