Year of New Beer: New England Style IPA #001, Braxton Brewing (KY)

Written By: Dion on 08/15/2017

It was nearly mythical the first time around...a true, hazy New England Style juice bomb had been brewed in Kentucky. But just like that, it vanished. Subsequent batches, while good, have lacked the visual quality that's become synonymous with the style. But fear not, hopheads, Batch #001 is the unicorn no more. Pungently fruity on the nose, with the advertised peach, mango, and apricot practically exploding from the glass. Dank grasses and a light lemon zest arrive with warmth. On the tongue, sharply bitter citrus peel strafes the taste buds, drying the mouth with tart peach and pithy orange. A hint of honeysuckle sweetness hits on the backend, but is quickly swept aside by a final onslaught of hoppy goodness. This one not only looks the part, but tastes it as well. Excellent work by the guys at Braxton Labs. If you can't wait for the cans to hit on Saturday, make your way to The Beer Trappe on Thursday and have one on draft. You won't be disappointed.