On Tap This Week

Tomorrow (Jul 17)

Blue Stallion's 5th Year Birthday Bash (11:00 AM)

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Blue Stallion's Birthday! (11:00 AM)

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t's our birthday! We're featuring a tapping of our "Or Wont It...?" Soured,... (see more)

Test Batch Tuesday at Blue Stallion - Tangibility - Wheat Wine w/Vanilla Beans (5:00 PM)

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West Sixth Running Club (5:30 PM)

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Beer Dinner w/ Belgian Ales at HopCat (7:00 PM)

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In addition to our annual Belgian National Day event, we will be hosting a Belgian bee... (see more)

Belgian Ales Beer Dinner (7:00 PM)

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w/ Belgian Ales!
Tuesday, July 17th @ 7PM

In addition to our annual... (see more)

Wednesday (Jul 18)

Hi Wire Brewing Tap Feature at HopCat (11:00 AM)

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We’ve got a great summer lineup of Hi Wire beers, ready for the Central Kentucky sum... (see more)

Experimental Beer at West Sixth - Brut IPA (3:00 PM)

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Mirror Twin Humpday Tap Invasion! at Mr. Brews (6:00 PM)

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Our first Mirror Twin event featuring:

Hazy but Lazy
White Girl Wasted
Bee Sting

Yoga at West Sixth (6:00 PM)

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Thursday (Jul 19)

Firkin Thursday at West Sixth - Imperial New England IPA w/Grapefruit (3:00 PM)

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Friday (Jul 20)

Pint Night at Liquor Barn Hamburg - Country Boy (5:00 PM)

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Saturday (Jul 21)

Belgian National Day at HopCat (11:00 AM)

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Belgium's national holiday commemorates July 21st, 1831 on which Leopold of Saxe-Cobou... (see more)

Can Release: Valencia Berliner Weisse & Mo Beam Imperial NEIPA at West Sixth (11:00 AM)

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Haze Craze Tap Takeover & Hazy But Lazy Can Release at Mirror Twin (12:00 PM)

= Mirror Twin Beer Co. (see all)

We have decided to blur the lines and make things a little hazy!!

MTB will be relea... (see more)

Sunday (Jul 22)

Beer School at The Beer Trappe (6:00 PM)

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New Blogs

Year of New Beer (Rnd 2): Raspberry Lemon Cider, Country Boy Brewing (Georgetown)

Written By: Dion on 07/14/2018
I rarely drink a cider. But this...this is a fruit juice in a glass that defies description. Just... (see more)

Year of New Beer (Rnd 1): Tough Udder, Rock House Brewing (Lexington)

Written By: Dion on 07/14/2018
Fantastic nose of milk chocolate and earthy malt translates extremely well to the tongue as... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Delta Dugong, Rhinegeist Brewery (Cincinnati)

Written By: Dion on 07/13/2018
Listed as a New England IPA, this one misses the mark in the appearance category. Decent aroma of... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Mixed Media, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery (DE)

Written By: Dion on 07/12/2018
A beer-wine hybrid sounds pretty much like a train wreck, but I'm a sucker, so...Obvious white... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Sparkleberry, Bell's Brewery (MI)

Written By: Dion on 07/11/2018
 Smells like a cross between Kool-aid, communion wine, and cough syrup. Pretty much the same... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Passion Fruit Gose, The Sour Note Brewing (IN)

Written By: Dion on 07/10/2018
A myriad of fruits on the nose as lemon, green apple, white grape, and, of course, passion fruit... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Öörahu, Stillwater Artisanal Ales/Põhjala (MD/Estonia)

Written By: Dion on 07/09/2018
Big, roasty malts and bittersweet chocolate hit the nose first. Warmth brings out dark fruits, a... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Cherry Jane, Lagunitas Brewing (CA)

Written By: Dion on 07/08/2018
As expected, cherry dominates the nose with a bit of funkiness underneath, almost like damp field... (see more)

Year of New Beer: B is for Blueberry, Evil Twin Brewing (NY)

Written By: Dion on 07/07/2018
Plenty of wheat, brine, and indistinguishable tart fruit on the nose. On the tongue is a... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Unicorn Killer, 2nd Shift Brewing (St. Louis)

Written By: Dion on 07/06/2018
For some reason, I passed on this beer when it first came to our market back in late 2016. Anyway... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Magic Word: Pineapple and Boysenberry, Bearded Iris Brewing (Nashville)

Written By: Dion on 07/05/2018
Mildly tropical nose with hints of citrus pith coming as the glass warms. On the tongue, the... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Framboise Rose Gose, Anderson Valley Brewing (CA)

Written By: Dion on 07/04/2018
Even drinking from the can, there's no mistaking the raspberry on the nose, as it leaves room for... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Hunter Vanilla, 18th Street Brewery (IN)

Written By: Dion on 07/03/2018
I've seen this beer multiple times when traveling, but just never picked it up. But now that... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Peach Gose, The Sour Note Brewing (IN)

Written By: Dion on 07/02/2018
Not so much peach, but rather sharp citrus on the nose, joined by nice notes of coriander and... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Tart Peach Kolsch, Ballast Point Brewing (CA)

Written By: Dion on 07/01/2018
Unmistakable peach on the nose, sweet and nearly jammy. Almost a bit too artificial. On the tongue... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Cloud Five, Rhinegeist Brewery (Cincinnati)

Written By: Dion on 06/30/2018
Tangerine dominates the nose with additional notes of pineapple, melon, and light pine. Nose... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Hotline, Bearded Iris Brewing (Nashville)

Written By: Dion on 06/29/2018
Bursting with peach, mango, and orange, this is just a juice bomb on the nose. Quite a bit of dank... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Dragons and YumYums, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery (DE)

Written By: Dion on 06/28/2018
Not much on the nose really, mostly just some tart fruit. Maybe some mango, a bit of orange and... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Just a P'haze (Blue Stallion, KY) & BA Here Kitty, Kitty (Ocelot Brewing, VA)

Written By: Dion on 06/27/2018
Some nights, while sharing beers and wishing a friend well in his new endeavours, you sample some... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Belgian White Ale, Yellowhammer Brewing (AL)

Written By: Dion on 06/26/2018
Coriander, yeast, and dry wheat are accented by hints of lime and ginger on the nose. Very... (see more)