Year of New Beer: Ale Pail & Coffee Vanilla Baba Yaga, Ethereal Brewing (KY)

Written By: Dion on 11/25/2017

First up was AlePail Experiment. The brewers haved allowed their beer to age for two years alongside dregs from Belgium's famed Brasserie Cantillon, and the result is just a crazy good wild ale. Tart peach and hints of lemon grace the nose and transition nicely to the tongue where they are softened a touch by a faint and quickly vanishing sweetness. A sharp acidity and medium dryness return on the finish. So complex and deserving of much greater eloquence than I can give. Second was the Coffee Vanilla Baba Yaga. Seems like a simple recipe...take one of the top 2 or 3 best beers ever brewed in the state of Kentucky, and you make it better by adding coffee and vanilla. The coffee aroma is stunning, but not alone, as rich chocolate and dark fruits add layers of complexity. On the tongue, freshly brewed coffee and creamy cocoa lead the way. In some beers, coffee has a tendency to get a little astringent, but here, the vanilla proves subtle in its ability to sweeten the roasted bean. Charred malts and an almost marshmallow fluff sensation coat the mouth on the finish. This beer is simply stellar and not to be missed.