Year of New Beer: Brother Soigné, Grassroots Brewing/Hill Farmstead (VT)

Written By: Dion on 12/31/2017

Here we are again, the final day of another Year of New Beer. Six years. Two thousand, one-hundred, ninety-one days. I hadn't really lined up anything special for NYE, and thanks to Ethereal, it really wasn't necessary. Four world-class beers from Hill Farmstead were tapped today, and area beer nerds turned out in force. This was the only one of the four I had never tasted, and I didn't leave disappointed. Tons of lemon-lime on the nose with floral notes that blend nicely with a damp wheat and yeast. On the tongue, lime takes center stage, with the hibiscus and blood orange content to play supporting roles. Very nice tartness at work against a subtle oak and dusty funk. Just not enough words for me to describe this adequately. Suffice it to say, it was delicious. Many thanks to Ethereal for putting this on today and bringing my 6th Year of New Beer to an extremely satisfying close.