Year of New Beer: Tall Dark & Barrel-Aged, West 6th Brewing (Lexington)

Written By: Dion on 01/03/2018

With the Bluegrass lodged firmly in Mother Nature's icy grip, a handsome stranger arrives just in time to lend a little heat to your weekend festivities. It's hard to go wrong with such a good base Belgian Quad recipe, and the barrel treatment just takes this to another level. An inviting nose of brown sugar, raisins, and figs seems to melt into secondary layers of oak, spice, and bourbon, while light undercurrents of chocolate add to the complexity of the aroma. On the tongue, the fruits lend a delicate sweetness as hints of grape and plum serve to balance a vanilla-tinged bourbon heat. As the glass warms, the Belgian yeast character begins to assert itself, offering up the spicy layer that is lacking in so many American versions of the style. Molasses and freshly baked dessert breads on a deliciously decadent finish. The complexity of this beer is truly realized if you can manage to exercise a little patience. Pour. Sip. Wait. Sip some more...let this develop and you will be fully rewarded. So much goodness in this bottle. Get yours this Saturday at 11a.m. when the taproom opens.  Well done to everyone involved, this is stellar.