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Bio: After having rewarding careers in both the U.S. Army and in Architecture, Kevin has settled down with a passionate career in craft beer. As a Nationally ranked BJCP Judge and a Cicerone Certified Beer Server, he is also the Resident Beer Guide, General Manager and Moderator of Beer School at The Beer Trappe in Lexington, Ky. You can find him on Twitter (@BEERchitect), follow his beer reviews under the same username at, or better yet- meet him in person at the The Beer Trappe!

Screwed up Beer Week (vol 18) - Throwing A Cold Shoulder When The Heat Is On

Written On: 06/13/2014
A globe trotter walks into a bar... and I'm not talking about the sports entertainment type of... (see more)

Screwed Up Beer Week (vol 17) - "Drink Local" - Is It More Marketing Than Meaning?

Written On: 05/23/2014
A local yokal walks into a bar. And after her first three beers ordered were all made inside of... (see more)

Screwed Up Beer Week (vol 16) - The Sophistication of Craft Beer and the Hypocrisy of It All

Written On: 05/01/2014
A guy who's pretty new to the craft beer scene walks into a bar. Still getting his grip with... (see more)

Screwed Up Beer Week (vol 15) - The Dysfunction at Beer Junction

Written On: 04/24/2014
A middle-man walks into a bar, and boy did he get an ear full!   (For those who aren't... (see more)

Screwed Up Beer Week (vol 14) - This Beer Is My Beer, This Beer Is Your Beer...

Written On: 04/10/2014
"This Beer Is My Beer, This Beer Is Your Beer... This Beer Was Made For You And... (see more)

Screwed Up Beer Week (vol 13) - Are You A Craft Beer Connoisseur, Or A Craft Beer Troll?

Written On: 04/04/2014
Without any doubt, the biggest fan of Founders KBS just walked into my bar. Of course he is the... (see more)

Screwed Up Beer Week (vol 12) - Don't Be "That Guy"! Here's How...

Written On: 03/27/2014
An absolute tool walks into a bar. Its a fairly busy weekend night but we bartenders are keeping... (see more)

Screwed Up Beer Week (vol 11) - A Kick in the Can or Keep it Bottled Up Inside

Written On: 03/20/2014
A wine-snob turn beer-geek walks into a bar...   "What's up with all these cans? I... (see more)

Screwed Up Beer Week (vol 10) - Hop-Heads, and Other Things Wrong with the World

Written On: 03/13/2014
Ok, a "hop-head" walks into a bar. "Hey, what's the best seasonal beers you have right now?"... (see more)

Screwed Up Beer Week (vol 9) - Playing Nice With Bad Beer - Not This Guy!

Written On: 03/06/2014
A diplomat walks into a bar. And by diplomat, I mean a professional craft beer brewer. While not... (see more)

Screwed Up Beer Week (vol 8) - Hi, I'm From Texas!

Written On: 02/27/2014
Ok, a guy from Texas walks into a bar... And how did I know that he was from Texas? Did I ask him... (see more)

Screwed Up Beer Week (vol 7) - "The Elephant in the Craft Beer Room"

Written On: 02/20/2014
So, two hundred and fifty craft beer writers walk into a symposium. And I can say with great... (see more)

Screwed Up Beer Week (vol 6) - "Hey, know your favorite beer style? Yea, it's dead"

Written On: 02/14/2014
Ok, two beer judges walk into a bar... (Yes, there are actual beer judges- it's a pretty cool... (see more)

Screwed Up Beer Week (vol 5) - Time to Open Up the Purse Strings, You Tightwads!

Written On: 02/06/2014
Ok, a guy walks into a bar... actually, this applies to everyone. Ok, ok... Everyone walks into a... (see more)

Screwed Up Beer Week (vol 4) - Been Brainwashed by Ferrets, Bikinis & Ribbons Lately?

Written On: 01/31/2014
A baby boomer walks into bar. He bellies up on the friendly side and says.... well, nothing really... (see more)

Screwed Up Beer Week! (vol 3) - Craft Beer Evangelist or Alcoholic?

Written On: 01/23/2014
Ok, a guy walks into a bar... (all great stories really do start that way, don't they?)... he... (see more)

Screwed Up Beer Week (vol 2) - New Year's Resolutions?

Written On: 01/15/2014
This is what your resolution should have been: So, how's that lentil and granola diet treating... (see more)

Screwed Up Beer Week (vol 1) - Getting Myself In Trouble

Written On: 01/09/2014
The "Getting Myself in Trouble" Edition, pt. 1 of many So, e-e-e-verybody is a beer expert... (see more)

Article: Surviving the Fest of Ales by Kevin Patterson

Written On: 08/29/2013
If you've clicked this link then there's a pretty good chance that you know craft beer has blown... (see more)

Beer Trends for the Summer of 2013

Written On: 07/12/2013
This weekend's forecast: highs in the mid '80's, mostly sunny, and a 100% chance of beer! With... (see more)