Dion's Blog Entries

Bio: Our friend Dion is on a quest. That quest is to try one new beer every single day. Just one. He's been successful in this quest for over 1000 days so far ... and he's still going. He and his family are frequenters of our Lexington establishments and big fans of the food trucks. If you see him out, buy him a beer ... but make sure it's one he hasn't tried yet.

Year of New Beer: Mango Guava Pop!, Grimm Artisanal Ales (NY)

Written On: 09/13/2018
The namesake fruits are certainly present on the nose, sharp, with additional notes of lime and... (see more)

Year of New Beer: The Nameless, Foam Brewers (VT)

Written On: 09/12/2018
Really nice orange juice note initially, followed by a generous dose of pine and cursory mango. On... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Oaxaca, Omnipollo (Sweden)

Written On: 09/11/2018
Very subdued nose that does offer up at least a little of the advertised lime and grapefruit... (see more)

Year of New Beer: The Fruit That Ate Itself, Foam Brewers (VT)

Written On: 09/10/2018
Mango, pineapple, and tart peach on the nose, with underlying herbal grasses and a touch of honey... (see more)

Year of New Beer: The Shining, Foam Brewers (VT)

Written On: 09/09/2018
Loads of pineapple, orange, and mango on the nose. Hints of chive and herbal grasses as well.... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Youth Lagoon, Foam Brewers (VT)

Written On: 09/08/2018
Earthy and a bit dank on the nose as the typical fruit juiciness of the New England IPA takes a... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Oktoberfest Weihenstephan, Sierra Nevada Brewing (CA)

Written On: 09/07/2018
For their annual fall offering, Sierra Nevada pairs up with Bavaria's oldest brewery, and the... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Even More JCs, Evil Twin Brewing (NY)

Written On: 09/06/2018
Brownie batter, coffee bean, and light vanilla lead an aroma that also features a ton of brown... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Satin Solitude, Central Waters Brewing (WI)

Written On: 09/05/2018
Chocolate, roasted malts, dark fruit, and a hint of cured tobacco on the nose. Everything a solid... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Blueberry Boyfriend, Prairie Artisan Ales (OK)

Written On: 09/04/2018
Initially, there is something very off-putting about the aroma of this beer. The fruit just... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Color Block, Prairie Artisan Ales (OK)

Written On: 09/03/2018
Orange zest, lemon, and pretty big yeast note on the nose. No discernible vanilla. Quite a bit of... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Gyroscope, Urban Artifact (Cincinnati)

Written On: 09/02/2018
Mission accomplished with the raspberry on the nose! Super tart with only the faintest hint of... (see more)

Year of New Beer: King Coconut, Catawba Brewing (NC)

Written On: 09/01/2018
Bittersweet chocolate, roasted malts, and a very mild coconut on the nose. Quite a bit of coconut... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Strawberry Kiwi Cider, Country Boy Brewing (Georgetown)

Written On: 08/31/2018
The only thing on the board that I hadn't tried, so why not? Green apple, lemon, lime, and very... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Thunder Gun Express, Odd Side Ales (MI)

Written On: 08/30/2018
Candied orange, honey, and cut field grasses make up the bulk of the nose. A toasted malt backbone... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Coco Van, Hubbard's Cave Brewery (IL)

Written On: 08/29/2018
Decadent nose of milk chocolate, dark fruit, vanilla, and subtle coconut (which increases with... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Feeling Good, Rhinegeist Brewery (Cincinnati)

Written On: 08/28/2018
Pineapple, grapefruit, and a little mango blend with a touch of pine on the nose. Pretty nice... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Hazing Saddles (L) and Beer's Favorite Cookie (R), Mirror Twin Brewing (Lexington)

Written On: 08/27/2018
So MT's haze game just gets better and better. Soft and juicy mango, melon, and pineapple bring... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Peach Pineapple Cranberry Fruitsicle, Odd Side Ales (MI)

Written On: 08/26/2018
Not as much on the nose as I was expecting...tart peach skin and only a suggestion of pineapple.... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Gold Rope, Bearded Iris Brewing (Nashville)

Written On: 08/25/2018
Just when I think I can't like a BI IPA more than a previous one...this hop combination really... (see more)