Dion's Blog Entries

Bio: Our friend Dion is on a quest. That quest is to try one new beer every single day. Just one. He's been successful in this quest for over 1000 days so far ... and he's still going. He and his family are frequenters of our Lexington establishments and big fans of the food trucks. If you see him out, buy him a beer ... but make sure it's one he hasn't tried yet.

Year of New Beer: Haze of Least Resistance, Mirror Twin Brewing Co (Lex)

Written On: 01/17/2020
A beer with a name befitting the path this now 50 year old guy is most likely to take. Nose that... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Synopsis Prickly Pear, Area Two Experimental Brewing (CT)

Written On: 01/16/2020
So this doesn't have a lot going on in the aroma. Mainly some vague, berry-like fruit, with hints... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Shotgun Sour, Abomination Brewing Co (CT)

Written On: 01/15/2020
A myriad of fruits in the aroma...berries, apples, lemons, and orange to name a few. Hints of dry... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Overworks Cosmic Crush Apricot Sour, BrewDog USA (OH)

Written On: 01/14/2020
Lot of fruit on the nose, definitely not limited to apricot. Hints of apples, grapes, melons, and... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Voodoo Ranger Starship IPA, New Belgium Brewing Company (CO)

Written On: 01/13/2020
While looking every bit the part of hazy, New England IPA, this one ends up more traditional for... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Astrolabe, Urban Artifact (Cincinnati)

Written On: 01/12/2020
In the words of the great philosopher, Hozier 😂, "Take me to church!" If you've ever... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Colombian Necktie, Nightmare Brewing Co (NY)

Written On: 01/11/2020
Not sure I would have chosen to give this name to a beer, but unfortunate moniker aside, this is a... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Alpha Experiment: Sultana, Country Boy Brewing (KY)

Written On: 01/10/2020
With my sense of smell still suffering due to this cold, I'm sure there's more to this beer than... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Salted Caramel Imperial Moo-Hoo, Terrapin Beer Co (GA)

Written On: 01/09/2020
Given that I'm fighting some sort of respiratory crud, I probably did this beer a disservice by... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Money Moves, Southern Grist Brewing Co (Nashville)

Written On: 01/08/2020
Who doesn't love chocolate and peanut butter? Add in a dash of maple syrup...wow. Peanuts lead... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Neverending Haze IPA, Stone Brewing (CA)

Written On: 01/07/2020
 Aroma opens with a strong tangerine note before being joined by some grapefruit and faint... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Double Dry Hop Light Speed, Toppling Goliath Brewing Co (IA)

Written On: 01/06/2020
Really nice aroma that drips with candied orange, while lemon, grapefruit, and melon all linger in... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Coexpressionalism Kriek, Side Project/de Garde (MO/OR)

Written On: 01/05/2020
Tart cherries are the star of the show, commanding the nose over a background of musty leather and... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Gose Limón Kaffir, Casa Bruja Brewing Co (Panama)

Written On: 01/04/2020
Don't mind me, I'm just over here drinking goses like it's the middle of summer. This one has a... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Thunderpeel Hazy IPA, Flying Dog Brewery (MD)

Written On: 01/03/2020
Only beer on tap that I hadn't tried, so it was a no-brainer. Citra and Galaxy hops flex their... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Cuvee #1, Sonder Brewing (OH)

Written On: 01/02/2020
Fantastic aroma offers up unripened peach, apricot, and light green apple. Warmth brings a bit of... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Strawberry Rhubarb Perpetum, Jackie O's Brewery (OH)

Written On: 01/01/2020
Subtle, but slightly jammy strawberry on the nose. Joined by hints of lime, peach skin, and red... (see more)

Year of New Beer: High Stepper, Crooked Can (FL)

Written On: 12/31/2019
Normally I would finish the year with some incredible, "bucket list" type beer. But I'm at... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Conch Republic Key Lime, Big Top Brewing (FL)

Written On: 12/30/2019
This wheat beer brings a very light lime on the nose with a hint of bread. Fairly nondescript... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Eggnog White Porter, Shipyard Brewing (ME)

Written On: 12/29/2019
Decided to try this expecting it to be awful, but it actually wasn't half bad. Plenty of vanilla... (see more)