Dion's Blog Entries

Bio: Our friend Dion is on a quest. That quest is to try one new beer every single day. Just one. He's been successful in this quest for over 1000 days so far ... and he's still going. He and his family are frequenters of our Lexington establishments and big fans of the food trucks. If you see him out, buy him a beer ... but make sure it's one he hasn't tried yet.

Year of New Beer: There's No Hazing in Baseball, Mirror Twin Brewing Co (Lexington)

Written On: 07/14/2019
Simple and straightforward, this one uses a relatively new hop, Waimea, to produce awesome citrus... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Freaky Hijiki, Interboro Spirits and Ales (Brooklyn)

Written On: 07/12/2019
Mostly lemon zest on the nose, with only faint hints of berry tartness and bready notes to... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Castle in Brooklyn, Ocelot Brewing Co (VA)

Written On: 07/11/2019
Really nice mango and tangerine with a light herbal dankness on the nose. Very smooth on tongue... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Kingdom Half Mine, Ocelot Brewing Co (VA)

Written On: 07/10/2019
Grapefruit, melon, mango, and some light guava on the nose, warming to feature a touch of... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Hop Alley IPA, Frenchtown Brewing Co (St. Thomas, USVI)

Written On: 07/09/2019
Classic IPA aroma with tangerine peel, caramel malt, and a touch of pine. Citrus really pops on... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Lil' Nap, Prairie Artisan Ales (OK)

Written On: 07/08/2019
Pungent blackberries greet the nose with undercurrents of lime, lemon, and light cedar.... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Pocket Watch, Urban Artifact (Cincinnati)

Written On: 07/07/2019
Very fruit forward nose that offers up plenty of jam-like notes as the grape and plum alternate... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Halsdurchschlag, Central State Brewing Co (IN)

Written On: 07/06/2019
I knew I'd most likely exhaust my new beer options rather quickly on this trip, so I came... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Flight, St. John Brewers (St. John)

Written On: 07/05/2019
L to R goes: NEIPA, Double IPA, Session Ale, and Amber ale. While all were good, the Juicy Booty... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Island Life, Leatherback Brewing Co (St. Croix)

Written On: 07/04/2019
Clean, light nose of cracker malts and a touch of floral hops. A little bit of cereal grain... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Bush Life, Leatherback Brewing Co (St. Croix)

Written On: 07/03/2019
Nose opens with a pretty big spice note, with a generous kick of ginger and herbal lemon tea. On... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Reef Life, Leatherback Brewing Co (St. Croix)

Written On: 07/02/2019
Not expecting to find many new beers this week, but this was a pleasant surprise. Nice tropical... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Hankering for Hands, Aslin Beer Company (VA)

Written On: 07/01/2019
Tart fruit punch on the nose with the lemon and raspberry taking charge. Blackberry is subtle... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Bringing Sexy Back, Aslin Beer Company (VA)

Written On: 06/30/2019
Great nose that features grapefruit and orange with hints of pineapple, mango, and even a little... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Witness the Citrus, Country Boy Brewing (Georgetown)

Written On: 06/29/2019
Definitely get the advertised notes of lemon and grapefruit on the nose, with plenty of orange... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Mello Hello, Platform Beer Co (OH)

Written On: 06/28/2019
The nose opens with a big pop of pineapple and orange marmalade. Not a whole lot else, with only... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Bourbon Barrel Aged Cherry (Implosion) Tripel

Written On: 06/27/2019
Cherries in beer can be a funny thing. More often than not, unless used in a sour, cherries tend... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Barrel Aged Lucius Clay, Country Boy Brewing (Lexington)

Written On: 06/26/2019
Take the already dangerously drinkable golden stout and put it in a bourbon barrel? Take my money.... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Base Weight, Shared (St. Louis)

Written On: 06/25/2019
Rich nose full of chocolate, coffee, and roasty malts. Hints of dark fruit develop with a little... (see more)

Year of New Beer: Purrlicious, White Lion Brewing Co (MA)

Written On: 06/24/2019
Nose features some candied citrus and hints of mango alongside a building herbal note. Flavors... (see more)